"How To" Tutorials

Short video tutorials on how to sign up, login, and use your Emotional ABCs Premium Group Subscription


1. How to Sign Up for Emotional ABCs as an Account Administrator

Shows an Account Administrator (the person who will manage the school or district’s account) how to sign up for a Premium Group subscription. Includes, e.g., making sure that the Account Administrator uses a distinct email address not shared by an Educator on the account.

Video #1 - How to Sign Up as an Account Administrator

2. How to Set Up Your Emotional ABCs Classroom/s as an Account Administrator

Shows the Account Administrator how to initially set up their school or district’s account. This includes instruction on creating the Classroom/s and inviting Educators.

Video #2 - How to Set Up Your Classroom/s as an Account Administrator


3. How to Sign In and Set Up Your Emotional ABCs Classroom/s as an Educator

Shows Educators how to add Students to their Classroom/s, including how to invite Parents to sign in from the home, and how to manage individual Student accounts, e.g., changing student avatars, passwords, unlocking/locking student accounts, and monitoring student progress.

Video #3 - How to Sign In and Set Up Your Classroom/s as an Educator

4. How to Use the Emotional ABCs Lesson List

Introduces Educators to the Lesson List, which is the backbone of the Emotional ABCs program. Educators see how students will experience the Lesson List and shows Educators how to adjust Lesson List settings for student accounts.

Video #4 - How to Use the Lesson List

5. How to Use the Emotional ABCs Workshops

Gives Educators a thorough overview of how to teach the Emotional ABCs in-class Workshops to their classrooms, including how to adjust the workshops to their teaching style and schedules. Includes an overview of the Warm Ups, Mini Lessons, Activities, Share-Outs and Self-Reflections.

Video #5 - How to Use the Emotional ABCs Workshops

6. Emotional ABCs’ Curriculum

Offers Educators an outline of the Emotional ABCs Curriculum tab and the SEL Competencies covered by each unit, including a list of goals per unit that can be used be evaluate student progress. The Curriculum tab can also help Educators locate Workshops that target specific competencies, skills or concepts.

Video #6 - Emotional ABCs’ Curriculum

7. Emotional ABCs’ Teacher Guide

Gives Educators an overview of the Teacher Guide tab, including its suggestions for tailoring the Emotional ABCs curriculum to your teaching style and your specific classroom. The Teacher Guide tab also presents general information about our approach to social emotional learning and includes resources for school-to-home communication.

Video #7 - Emotional ABCs’ Teacher Guide


8. How to Log In to Emotional ABCs as a Premium Parent

Shows Parents how to log into their child’s Premium Group account once they receive an email invitation from the school.

Video #8 - How to Log In as a Premium Parent

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