Moody & emotional skills training: inquisitive


Will Emotional ABCs help my child?

We hope so! Children learn best, and are most successful, when they can better regulate their emotions. Emotional ABCs shows them how by teaching the basic steps of emotional literacy. We like to think of our program as the emotional equivalent of learning to read or to count by numbers. It’s a basic skill for a lifetime of use.

Is Emotional ABCs a therapy program or an educational program?

Emotional ABCs is an educational program only. It is not therapy or medical advice. Emotional ABCs is not to be used to diagnose or treat a mental health problem or as a substitute for consulting a medical or mental health professional. Mental health diagnoses and treatment should be provided only by a qualified mental health professional. (See Disclaimer.)

What will my child learn with Emotional ABCs?

Emotional ABCs teaches children how to recognize their feelings, and then shows them how to work through their feelings and make good choices. Emotional ABCs is simple and practical; it uses the most current techniques for working through emotions used by therapists, educators and psychologists, and presents these tools in a child-friendly, fun format. It aims to help children establish healthy, life-long habits of how to successfully manage their emotions.

What will I learn as a parent/caregiver?

We designed Emotional ABCs so that parents and/or caregivers, who might not have any formal training in emotional literacy, will be able to assist their children as they develop these vital skills. Our program can give children and their parents/caregivers a common language to use when discussing their emotions.

At what age should I start my child on the program?

Because each child learns differently, this will depend on your child. Emotional ABCs is designed to be fun, useful and educational for children ages 4 and up. Developmentally, it is appropriate for very young children to act impulsively, but around the age of 4 years old, many children can start to better control some of their reactions. Our hope is to seamlessly join the developmental curve of a child so that as they become better able to understand emotions, they have the skills in place to manage them.

My child can't read very well yet. Can she use your program?

We have added audio to all aspects of our program so a non-reader or an emergent reader can easily follow our program.

My child has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), is on the Autism Spectrum, has anxiety/or other learning challenges. Is Emotional ABCs right for him?

It is important to note that Emotional ABCs should never be used to diagnose or treat a mental health problem or as a substitute for consulting a medical or mental health professional. Mental health diagnoses and treatment should be provided only by a qualified mental health professional. (See Disclaimer.) That being said, many children with learning difficulties have found our program extremely useful in working with their particular challenges. The best way for you to decide on the value of our program is for you to look at the details of what we offer and, in consultation with your healthcare professional, decide if Emotional ABCs might helpful in your particular circumstance.

How should my child and I use Emotional ABCs?

We recommend that a child go through the program slowly and do a few lessons per day. It takes time to incorporate new skills and our games, coloring pages and activities are structured to keep the pace slow but interesting so new habits can be formed.

​Everyone is different. How can a single program teach emotional skills?

Because emotion​al responses can vary, many of our activities have several 'correct' answers so that different ​choices​ are respected and encouraged.​ Emotional ABCs is not focused on 'right' or 'wrong,' but is designed as a template to build a personal emotional skillset.

​How is the program structured?

Emotional ABCs is sequential so that skills can be developed and reinforced. As a child masters one set of skills, they are ready for more advanced levels. ​​In addition, flexibility has been built into Emotional ABCs so that once a game has been opened, it can be repeated at any time.

Can Emotional ABCs be done offline?

There are over 100 printables available that support the online program. Also, a library of Moody Cards can be printed. Children can use these cards to play matching games, card games and other unplugged activities.


I don’t live in the U.S. Can I still get your program?

Of course! Emotional ABCs is now available in more than a 100 countries. You can sign up directly on our website using a credit card or Paypal. Our prices are in U.S. dollars, so your payment will be converted based on the current exchange rate when payment is made.

How soon will my order be processed?

Orders should be processed immediately. You will receive an email confirmation once your order is placed.


What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, you can reset it easily. Click the Log In tab. Then click on the Forgot Password tab. Enter your information and Emotional ABCs will email password reset instructions to you. If you don’t see the email in your Inbox, be sure to check your spam folder.

What happens if our child forgets his or her picture password?

If a child forgets his or her picture password, the parent can sign in to retrieve it from Student tab inside Admin Info.

How do I switch users on a family account?

With a family membership, you can switch to a different user account without signing out. To switch users when signed in click on the drop down menu next to the active username. There you will see all users and can toggle between them.

How do I add a child to my membership?

To add a child to your membership go to the Student tab inside Admin Info.

How do I update my credit card or billing information?

To update your credit card information go to the Account tab inside Admin Info.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. To cancel, log in to your account as a User (by clicking on your Avatar and Password Picture). Click the Admin tab and log in to the Admin. Click on the Account tab and cancel your subscription. Your membership will remain active until your current billing period ends.

If I cancel my membership, will I receive a pro-rated credit?

You can cancel your renewal or membership at any time and you will not be charged again but we do not offer pro-rated refunds or credits for any partially used membership period. You will continue to have access to the program until your current billing period ends..


What group memberships do you currently offer?

Individual educators and counselors of public schools, private schools, and Head Start programs in the U.S. are eligible for one year of free access to Emotional ABCs and Emotional ABCs Classroom, to be used for classroom and in-school purposes only. All other uses including homeschooling, non-U.S. educational programs, or private counseling require the purchase of an Individual or Family account (which includes Emotional ABCs Classroom).

What if I’m homeschooling, a teacher outside the USA, an occupational therapist or other mental health professional, or a parent who wants access to the Teacher Workshops and Emotional ABCs Classroom?

All regular Individual and Family accounts have full access to the entire Emotional ABCs Classroom. By purchasing an Individual or Family account on EmotionalABCs.com you will be able to use the entire Emotional ABCs Classroom materials as well. Please read the Teacher Guide information for more information about accessing Emotional ABCs Classroom using an Individual or Family account.


Do you have an App?

Emotional ABCs does not yet have an app version of the program. It’s in the works.

Can I use the program on my tablet or phone?

Emotional ABCs is currently optimized for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers on desktop computers. Optimizing the program for mobile devices and Internet Edge is in the works and should be available soon.


Who do I contact about reviewing Emotional ABCs for my newspaper, magazine, or blog?

Please contact Customer Service at Support[at]Emotionalabcs.com. Be sure to include a link to your blog or website. A representative of Emotional ABCs will be happy to contact you.