Program FAQs

What happens if I forget my password?

Click the Log-In tab and then click ‘Forgot Password.’ Enter your information and Emotional ABCs will email password reset instructions to you. If you don’t see the email in your Inbox, be sure to check your spam folder.

How do I switch users on a Family subscription?

Go to the top tabs (or the hamburger menu on the right for a mobile user) and click on the current user’s name. A drop-down menu will appear with all active user names. Click on a name to choose a new active user.

What tasks can I perform within the Admin tab, and how do I access the Admin Tab?

Within the Admin Tab, you can change billing, cancel your subscription, add users to a Family subscription, change a child’s avatar and passcode, access a user’s artwork, unlock a user’s program, and much more. Follow these steps: i) First log-in to the Emotional ABCs site and then use a child's avatar and passcode to log into the program. ii) If using the program on a desktop, you will see a series of tabs at the top, underneath the header, including the Admin tab. If using a mobile device, open the hamburger menu on the right to find the Admin tab. iii) Click the Admin tab, enter the Admin code you set when you signed up (contact us if you lose your code). iv) Use the tabs within the Admin to access Account and Users.

How do I change my child’s Avatar, Picture Passcode, or Username?

Go to the Admin Tab, (see question above to get into Admin) and then click on User. Click on your child’s User name and follow instructions to edit the user’s information. Path: Admin > User

I have a Family subscription. How do I add additional users?

Go to the Admin Tab (see question above to get into Admin) and then click on User. Click on an empty user icon and create an account for a new user. Path: Admin > User

How do I update my credit card or billing information?

Go to the Admin Tab (see question above to get into Admin) then click on Account. Go to Billing Details to update billing information. Path: Admin > Account > Billing

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Go to the Admin Tab (see question above to get into Admin) then click on Account. Go to ‘My Subscription.’ Click button to Cancel Subscription. You will not be charged again, and you will get a confirmation email of your cancellation. Your subscription will remain active until the end of your current billing period. Path: Admin > Account > My Subscription

If I cancel my subscription, will I receive a prorated credit?

You can cancel your renewal or subscription at any time and you will not be charged again, but we do not offer prorated refunds or credits for any partially used subscription period. You will continue to have access to the program until your current billing period ends as long as you have cancelled your subscription yourself within the Admin.

​I cannot see the “Next" buttons. The center pane is running off the bottom of my browser.

It sounds like your browser magnification/zoom is set at more than 100%. You will need to reset it to 100%. If this does not solve the problem, please contact us. Here are some helpful hints for adjusting the zoom setting on desktop browsers: i) Chrome browser: look for 3 vertical dots, located at the top and to the right of the url bar; adjust Zoom setting. You can also click on the Chrome tab (usually far top left), click on Preferences and find Zoom settings. ii) Safari browser: go to Safari tab (usually far top left), click on Preferences, click on the icon for ‘Websites’ (it’s a globe), then choose Page Zoom settings. iii) Firefox: look for 3 small horizontal lines (hamburger menu) on top right of page; click on Preferences and look for Zoom setting.

​I don’t see anything on the screen when I Log-In.

Emotional ABCs is optimized only for Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Make sure you are using one of these browsers (Emotional ABCs does not work on Internet Edge/Explorer). If you are using an approved browser, try these actions: i) Clear your history and clear your cache. We might have updated our program and you will want to use our new information. ii) Update your browser. See if you are running the latest edition of your browser. You can usually do this by clicking on the Browser name (top left) and choosing ‘About Google Chrome’ or ‘About Firefox.’ Click on the Apple icon and go to App store to update Safari.

I don’t live in the U.S. Can I still get your programs?

Of course! Emotional ABCs is now available in more than 100 countries. You can sign-up directly on our website using a credit card or Paypal. Our prices are in U.S. dollars, so your payment will be converted based on the current exchange rate when payment is made.

Do you have an App?

Emotional ABCs is a “Web App.” This means it does not come from an App Store but adapts to run on most web browsers on your desktop or mobile device. Our program is optimized to display on Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari on most desktop and mobile devices. The program is not optimized for Internet Edge/Explorer.

Can I use the program on my tablet or phone?

Yes, Emotional ABCs is optimized for most desktop and mobile devices on Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. The program is not optimized for Internet Edge/Explorer and is best viewed on a larger screen rather than a small phone.

Who do I contact about reviewing Emotional ABCs for my newspaper, magazine, or blog?

Please contact Customer Service at Support[at] Be sure to include a link to your blog or website. A representative of Emotional ABCs will be happy to contact you.