About Us

​Husband and wife team, Ross Brodie ​and Cynthia Sikes​, found themselves ill-equipp​ed to help their young boys work through emotional situations. In fact, Cynthia quickly discovered that slamming a door when frustrated actually didn't help one bit! In order to give​ their boys useful skills to deal with life's ups and downs, they looked for a kid-friendly primer that would show their children step-by-step strategies when emotions started to run high. But surprisingly, not one was​ to be found!

So, they decided to ask the professionals, "How do you teach basic emotional skills to your clients?" After consulting with many health care professionals including child and adult therapists, psychologists and educators, they were struck by how​ all these professionals described​ the same basic components to emotional literacy: the ability to stop emotions from “ramping up”, the ability to assess the facts of a situation, and the ability to think through options and make the best choice for the specific situation.

From this information, and after several years of collaboration with therapists and educators, Ross and Cynthia put together the Emotional ABCs program with a single goal in mind: to give parents and educators a comprehensive, practical program that will empower children to make good decisions in emotional situations.

Moody && emotional skills training: ready to play
Moody & emotional skills training: ready to dance