The Emotional ABCs Classroom

What is the Emotional ABCs Classroom?

Emotional ABCs Classroom is a research-based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum providing teachers (K–3) with 20 sequential Workshops and extensive classroom support materials for Teacher-led, in-class instruction.

What We Teach


Social Awareness


Responsible Decision-Making

Relationship Skills


How it Works

  • Emotional ABCs Workshops are designed for teacher-led classroom instruction. Your free single user account gives you access to all resources needed to present the Workshops.
  • All Workshops include a Warm-Up, Mini-Lesson, Activity, Share-Out, and a Self-Reflection, and each can be taught as a 'stand-alone' lesson to target specific skills.
  • Instructors can teach directly from online Workshops or printable PDFs.
  • Related Common Core Standards are listed for each Workshop.
  • Emotional ABCs Classroom uses a common emotional language throughout the curriculum which can be readily adopted school-wide with minimal teacher training.

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Who's using ABCs Classroom?

Free Subscription for Classroom Teachers and
Full-Time School Counselors

The Free Teacher account offers free access to Emotional ABCs Classroom for Individual Teachers, Educators, and Full-time School Counselors of public schools, private schools, and Head Start programs at "brick and mortar" elementary schools and preschools in the United States, and is to be used for classroom and in-school purposes only.

NOTE: All other uses including Homeschooling, Virtual and Online schools, Private or Professional Counseling, and Non-United States educational programs require the purchase of an Individual or Family account (which includes Emotional ABCs Classroom).

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