We Teach Your Child the Building Blocks
of Emotional Regulation

Our evidence-based and interactive online curriculum, developed with
psychologists and educators, teaches your child how to manage emotions and make
good choices even during emotionally challenging situations.

“All of these skills layer on top of each other to provide an incredible foundation for children as they expand their social-emotional knowledge."

common sense education

"All of these skills layer on top of each other
to provide an incredible foundation for
children as they expand their social-emotional knowledge."

common sense education

Award Winning Curriculum

Casel designated SELect Program
AASL Best Digital Tool
Anthem Awards 2022 Winner
SIIA Codie Awards
Gold Stevie Winner American Business Awards
Top Pick for Learning - Common Sense Education

How It Works

  • As America's most awarded evidence-based emotional regulation and social skills
    program, Emotional ABCs is the resource of choice for Parents, Educators, and
    Therapists to support children’s social and emotional growth.
  • The Parent Program uses our interactive online Lesson List, which consists of more
    than 100 sequential activities that introduce, teach, and then reinforce emotional
    regulation and social skills.
  • Typically, a Lesson begins with a video that introduces a skill, followed by interactive
    online activities (with full voiceover for emergent readers) to help children first
    understand their new tools and then practice what they have learned. Parents can
    easily become familiar with the materials to reinforce the new skills at home.

Program Details

1. Understanding Emotional Concepts

The online curriculum helps expand emotional vocabulary, demonstrates face and body clues to emotions, and discusses how understanding sensations helps identify emotions.

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2. Developing Self-Regulation

These units demonstrate deep breathing techniques, discuss automatic reactions, develop processes to evaluate emotional situations, and teach repeatable patterns of behavior to use during emotionally challenging events.

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3. Choices of Action

Units introduce a repertoire of good choices (Plays) to use in emotionally challenging situations and offer opportunities to practice all skills in hypothetical situations (Moodlandia).

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4. My Board

Students unlock My Board rewards as they progress through the Lesson List. These include interactive games, cards, certificates achievement, online coloring pages and offline printables.

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5. Videos & Music

An ordered list of curriculum videos and Emotional ABCs’ music tracks.

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What the
Professionals Are Saying

Dr. David Geller

Pediatrician, Cedars-Sinai Medical

"An invaluable resource--there's nothing out there like it! Emotional ABCs meets a real need for families and their kids' emotional health. Don't leave home without it, and when at home, keep it close at hand!"

Gerry Foo

Psychologist, Ph.D.

"I'm a psychologist that has been working with young children and their families for 15 years, and since I started using Emotional ABCs it has proven to be one of the most effective tools in my practice for teaching emotional regulation to young children. In addition to highly recommending it to other clinicians, my wife and I have been using it with our three-year-old daughter and Moody has become part of our everyday language at home."

Kim Israel, Director

The First School Preschool

"Perfect for families with preschool-aged children! Most of the 'work' in my preschool is helping children understand and manage emotions. The Emotional ABCs establishes a common language for families, schools and children and the skills learned at this age can last a lifetime."

Marco Petruzzi

CEO, Green Dot Public Schools

"We serve over 10,000 middle and high school students in 18 schools. It is so important for children to develop a healthy method of dealing with emotional stress by middle school because strong teenage emotions can hijack a child's ability to maximize his/her learning potential. The Emotional ABCs techniques are perfect for kids: easy to remember, easy to use, and they work!"

Stacey Koff

Assistant Head of School

"I love the Emotional ABCs! It's a simple and fun way for kids to develop lifelong Emotional Intelligence habits. Children gain a lot of confidence when they know how to handle tough emotional situations, and I see, firsthand, how early emotional literacy training helps kids stay focused in school and feel good about themselves."

John Reimers

The Brentwood School

"I've taught Middle and High School classes for over 20 years and I see the huge difference between kids who have some emotional literacy skills and the kids who don’t. Children learn best when they can regulate their emotions and the Emotional ABCs gives them tools to do so."