The Emotional ABCs Classroom

Teacher FAQs

What is the Free Teacher account?

Emotional ABCs Classroom is a 20-Workshop curriculum that sequentially teaches emotional skills using online and printable materials from to support the curriculum.

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Who can get a Free Teacher account?

Individual educators and counselors of public schools, private schools, and Head Start programs in the U.S. are eligible for one year of free access to Emotional ABCs and Emotional ABCs Classroom, to be used for classroom and in-school purposes only. All other uses including homeschooling, non-U.S. educational programs, or private counseling require the purchase of an Individual or Family account (which includes Emotional ABCs Classroom).

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For teachers outside the USA, occupational therapists, mental health professionals, and parents who want access to the Teacher Workshops and Emotional ABCs Classroom:

Anyone can have access and use Emotional ABCs Classroom by purchasing an Individual or Family account of Click on the program’s Teacher Tab to access.

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