Teacher FAQs

  • What is included with the Free Teacher subscription?

    The Free Teacher subscription includes basic access to the materials in our Emotional ABCs Lesson List and My Board sections, and all 20 Emotional ABCs Basics Workshops. Each Workshop has links to all resources, including interactive online activities, videos, and printables. Check out the Emotional ABCs Classroom for more details.

  • Is this program evidence based?

    Yes. Emotional ABCs finished a yearlong study (2019/2020) of Emotional ABCs Classroom at eight diverse schools across the USA. The results showed that Emotional ABCs significantly improved participating students’ social emotional competencies, even within a single year, as compared to students in control classrooms. See Scientific Studies for more details.

  • What grade-level does Emotional ABCs target?

    Our single-year Free Teacher program presents the same content for any grade level and is aimed primarily at K-3. In addition, the material's flexibility to be scaffolded allows it to be utilized by other grades, as well as special education classrooms. (For example, teachers use the curriculum in more than 38,000 special education classrooms across the USA). Counselors also utilize Emotional ABCs school-wide for group and individual instruction.

    Our multi-year Premium programs are designed as three-year consecutive curriculums for grades 1, 2, and 3. However, schools can and do use the Premium programs for other grade pairings or merely for a single year depending on their specific needs.

  • Does Emotional ABCs require teacher training?

    The Emotional ABCs Classroom curriculums and Workshops are specifically structured to be self-evident to a professional educator. Emotional ABCs provides complete educational scaffolding with ample resources, example dialogue, and clear goals and objectives so that a teacher can easily integrate the curriculum into their day. However, our program does provide a comprehensive Teacher Guide, a Curriculum Guide, “How To” Tutorial videos, and Teacher Training to give Educators additional assistance

  • How can I use Emotional ABCs Classroom during the pandemic?

    You are welcome to screenshare “live” lessons with your students. You can also share our PDFs. However, copyright protections prohibit you from recording, copying, or linking to any of our materials. You may not share your account information (i.e., your login credentials) with others.

    Free Teacher Subscription:
    The simplest way to use our Free Teacher program via screenshare is by following the Lesson List and using My Board materials, printables, and pdfs.

    Premium Group:
    Our Premium Group subscription works well for distance learning because it includes 30 student sign-ins per classroom, accessible from home or school. With parent permission, students can take advantage of the interactive learning from home.

  • Is Emotional ABCs an online or in-class program?

    The Free Teacher subscription was originally designed as an in-class teacher-led curriculum that uses both online and offline resources. Because of the pandemic, verified teachers at “brick and mortar” schools can now use our program for teacher-led screenshare instruction. (See “Question 5” above for details on how to use the Free Teacher subscription for distance learning.)

    Our Premium subscriptions are designed most specifically for “in class” teacher-led instruction, but the Premium Group program expands to include 30 individual student sign-ins and two teacher sign-ins per classroom. This can make a substantial difference to the quality of the learning that students may receive; in addition to being taught in the classroom or via screenshare by an educator, students can access the full consecutive curriculum from home and complete online assignments and reviews.

  • I am a home educator/I work for a virtual or online school/I am an independent therapist, psychologist, or counselor. Am I eligible for a Free Teacher subscription?

    Our Free Teacher subscription is only free to verified teachers and verified school counselors who are full-time employees of “brick and mortar” public and private schools. Our Free Teacher subscription is not available to home educators, teachers and counselors of virtual or online schools, or to independent therapists or counseling groups.

    However, please consider signing up for our inexpensive Parent or Premium subscriptions if you are not eligible for the Free Teacher subscription. The Parent subscriptions include full program access and the ability to use Emotional ABCs Classroom Workshops Basics (20 Workshops and additional classroom resources) at no extra charge. The Premium programs include all 3 years of our Workshops and the Premium Group curriculum allows up to 30 student sign-ins per classroom. See more Home Educator info here: For Home Educators

    Similarly, Therapists and Counselors can use our inexpensive Parent or Premium subscriptions to work with their clients. See more Therapist options here: For Therapists

  • Can I record the videos and share them with my class?

    No. You may not copy, record, share or distribute our videos or links to any of our content, or record any part of the program or record yourself using the program. The Free Teacher subscription is a single user program for teacher use only and is intended to provide a curriculum and resources for in-classroom teaching.

    Note: During school shut-downs due to Covid-19, if you are a verified full-time educator or counselor for a “brick and mortar” school and are teaching via distance learning, you may present our videos and other materials during your “live” online distance learning class sessions while you and your class are in attendance. You may also share our PDFs.

  • I can’t sign up all of my students. How do I do that?

    The Free Teacher subscription is a single user subscription for verified full-time teacher and verified full-time school counselor use only. It does not allow you to add more students. To give multiple students access to the program, consider our Premium Group version. The Premium Group version includes 30 student sign-ins and two Teacher Accounts per classroom, and students can access individual accounts from school or home. Check out Teachers & Schools to learn more about our Premium Group subscription.

  • How does your program align with the requirements I need to meet for state standards?

    Our program follows the guidelines established by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), the leading policy development group for SEL curriculums. Emotional ABCs teaches all five Social Emotional Learning competencies included in CASEL’s guidelines: Self-Awareness, Social-Awareness, Self-Management, Responsible Decision-Making and Relationship Skills. Additionally, the Emotional ABCs curriculum may meet state standards in Language Arts and Performing Arts.

  • Where do I send Purchase Orders?

    Emotional ABCs accepts purchase orders from schools and school districts within the USA. You can email them to Schools[at]EmotionalABCs.com. Or you can send them via the postal service to:

    Emotional ABCs
    3435 Ocean Park Blvd #107-259
    Santa Monica, CA 90405-3300

  • How do we get a W-9 from Emotional ABCs for our school/district?

    Here is the W-9 for Emotional ABCs, Inc.

  • Where can I see recent reviews?

    Up to the minute Parent and Teacher Reviews can be found on our Emotional ABCs Facebook page at www.facebook.com/EmotionalABCs/reviews