Children with Better
Emotional Skills

Our evidence-based, interactive program teaches children
how to better understand and manage their emotions.

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What We Do

We teach children, ages 4-11, how to figure out WHAT they are feeling, WHY they are having that emotion, and HOW to make better choices.

I have had huge success with this platform with my students and my own child. I would highly recommend it! Sharri H.

What We Do

We teach children, ages 4-11, how to figure out WHAT they are feeling, WHY they are having that emotion, and HOW to make better choices.

We Start at the Beginning

Understanding Emotions

The ability to self-soothe and work through emotions is essential for school readiness. It is the foundation for social & academic success.

Frustration & Acting Out

Children become frustrated when they can't recognize their emotions or when they lack an emotional vocabulary to express themselves.

Impulse Control

Children need simple tools in order to slow themselves down and identify what they are feeling before they take action.

"The structure of the program truly teaches social and emotional competencies in a captivating way."

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See Inside Emotional ABCs

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Children learn about face and body clues in order to understand what emotions look like.

Studies show that deep breathing brings more oxygen to the brain and has a measurable physiological impact.

The Emotional ABCs Toolbar shows children how to quickly figure out what they are feeling (Pause), why (Rewind) & how to make a good choice (Play).

Children are given a reference book of good choices to draw from during everyday situations. Children learn potential “good choices” from a Playbook of options.

In Moodlandia, children bring all their new skills together by guiding Moody through everyday scenarios.

All lessons lead to My Board where children see rewards they have earned and can play unlocked games.

What Parents are Saying

It's a wonderful program!! We use it with our 6 and 5 year old and they are learning so much about controlling their emotions and making better choices when strong emotions happen. I am so hopeful that school this year will be better all thanks to Emotional ABCs!

Lesley D.

I wanted to say thank you so so so much from the bottom of my heart! My Mother in Law bought this for my son, and it has been helping so much! He has been diagnosed with ODD, so we are having real anger issues. When he gets upset we tells him "What would Moody do?" and he stands still and says "Pause and breathe!" and breathes in slowly. Then "Rewind!" and "Play!" I cannot believe the change in my son and I cannot thank you enough.

Mary Ellen S.

My daughter is loving Emotional ABCs! It is helping, and she is explaining herself more and doing the breathing exercises. She even decorated some craft pumpkins and asked us to tell her which one we are feeling!!!

Rahima C.

My child LOVES Moody! He's still learning, but now we have a language we can all use to work through it. We were doing the steps at a party this weekend and impressed the heck out of a child psychologist!

Lisa S.

I recently bought this after another emotionally rough day with our 6-year-old son who lives life in a big way emotionally. We have three little boys and I love having more tools on how to work with them about feelings in a way they can understand. We started the program last night... This is a great program! (Mom of 3 and a Family Nurse Practitioner)

Emily H.

I have five kids that all love this program! My youngest was reminding others when they were getting upset today to pause and rewind!

Ammo S.

My kids have really gotten a lot out of this. After a week or so using Emotional ABCs, they both seem better able to communicate their feelings, and pay closer attention to how people around them are feeling. Glad I ordered!

Michelle G.