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Our Curriculum

Emotional Skills

  • Recognizing emotions from face and body clues
  • Developing emotional vocabulary
  • Self-Awareness: Using physical sensations to identify emotions

Self Regulation

  • Recognizing automatic reactions to emotional stress
  • Breathing skills to slow physical response
  • Developing a repertoire of good choices of action in emotionally challenging situations

Self Care

  • Growth Mindset: Visualization of goals
  • Developing awareness of surroundings and potential stressors
  • Dealing with and appreciating uncomfortable emotions
  • Problem-solving/persistence
  • Reframing: a way to approach failure

Social Skills

  • Learning patterns of behavior to strengthen social skills
  • Social Awareness: Understanding that people might have different emotional
    responses to the same situation
  • Inclusion
  • Relationship building
  • Listening Skills
  • Cooperation

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What Professionals
are Saying

“Emotional ABCs is a great SEL tool for my therapy clients. This curriculum is a great resource to assist with emotion regulation and what makes its even better is that my kids enjoy doing it. They look forward to it each session! Its interactive and makes the kids think about their emotions and how they manage them. Parents also love the curriculum and how engaged their children are in sessions. Many use the program themselves at home with their kids to reinforce what the kids learn in sessions. Such a great resource!”
~Tracy B

“Emotional ABC’s is an interactive resource that is fun for students and simple to use. I love introducing Moody to children and seeing their faces light up. Parents praise its effectiveness after using the videos and index cards with their children. This is a great tool to have in your toolbox if you are an OT!”
~Catherine G

“I work at a program with emotionally impaired students and students with Autism. We use Emotional ABCs every week during group and individual therapy. The students love Moody!!! They ask to do the program even when given other choices.”
~Nikole R

“A child- and adult-friendly instruction manual to understanding and managing one's emotions - one that should be supplied with every human at birth but hasn't been (up until now). Genius!”
~Julie N