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Premium Single User

Our Premium Single User subscription provides therapists with skills-based behavioral tools to help children develop generalizable emotional and social competencies. The flexible curriculum complements a therapist’s plan of care for pediatric clients.

Account Overview

Emotional ABCs provides interactive online content, sequential Workshops, and an extensive Print Library to help therapists teach social and emotional skills during individual, group, and remote sessions.

The program supports building proficiencies in the areas of:

  • Understanding and recognizing emotions
  • Emotional vocabulary
  • Identifying sensations
  • Self-regulation
  • Making choices of action
  • Self-care
  • Developing specific patterns of social interaction


The online Lesson List uses interactive materials, videos, and learning games to teach and reinforce behavioral skills.

Lesson List Details


Workshops are designed for a group learning environment. Each Workshop offers a clearly stated objective, online and offline resources, examples for modeling the Teaching Points, and suggestions and resources for hands-on learning activities. Workshop resources can also be used for one-on-one sessions.

Workshop Details


Low ink and full color printables support social and emotional learning. These offline materials are integrated into the Workshops and also coordinate with the Lesson List activities. They include PDFs, Workbooks, and information for parents.

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