Lesson List Details

The interactive online Lesson List consists of more than 100 sequential activities that introduce and reinforce emotional regulation and social skills. Therapists can use the Lesson List during sessions. If using a Premium Group subscription, therapists can set up at-home assignments.

Typically, a Lesson begins with a video that introduces a skill, followed by activities to help children understand and practice the new skill in different situations. If using the program at home, parents and caregivers can easily become familiar with the materials to reinforce the new skills at home.

1. Understanding Emotional Concepts

The online curriculum helps expand emotional vocabulary, demonstrates face and body clues to emotions, and discusses how understanding sensations helps identify emotions.

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2. Developing Self-Regulation

These units demonstrate deep breathing techniques, discuss automatic reactions, develop processes to evaluate emotional situations, and teach repeatable patterns of behavior to use during emotionally challenging events.

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3. Choices of Action

Units introduce a repertoire of good choices (Plays) to use in emotionally challenging situations and offer opportunities to practice all skills in hypothetical situations (Moodlandia).

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4. My Board

Students unlock My Board rewards as they progress through the Lesson List. These include interactive games, cards, certificates achievement, online coloring pages and offline printables.

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5. Videos & Music

An ordered list of curriculum videos and Emotional ABCs’ music tracks.

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