Print Library Details

Printable support materials (PDFs) are woven throughout the Workshops and coordinate with the online Lesson List activities. They include worksheets, cards, coloring pages, display print-outs, Workbooks, and other activities that can be done one-on-one, during group activities, or at home.

Therapists have access to a complete Print Library of color and low ink black and white printables. These provide useful offline ways to reinforce program concepts.

Printables are indexed by skill and by location.

1. Emotional Concepts

Printables (PDFs) in the form of worksheets, playing cards, classroom visuals, and group activities, help clients develop greater self-awareness and abilities to communicate emotions. The printables help explain concepts such as face and body clues, emotional vocabulary, and sensations.

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2. Developing Self-Regulation

Printables help therapists explain deep breathing techniques, discuss automatic reactions, develop processes to evaluate emotional situations, and teach repeatable patterns of behavior to use during emotionally challenging events.

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3. Choices of Action

Printables, for display and as worksheets, playing cards, and activity sheets, help therapists model examples of good choices (Plays) to use in emotionally challenging events and offer opportunities to practice skills in hypothetical situations.

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4. Self Care

Printable activity sheets encourage clients to use a growth mindset by amplifying concepts such as knowing when and how to take care of oneself.

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5. Social Skills

Printables help therapists present repeatable, reliable patterns to work through social situations.

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