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Emotional ABCs provides therapists and behavioral health professionals with online and offline support materials to teach social emotional skills. The flexible structure of the program can be easily adapted to a therapist’s plan of care for clients.

Video - Using Emotional ABCs as a Therapist


An online, interactive program that can be used during therapy sessions (one-on-one in-person or remote sessions) or by the child at home using their own log-in.

Navigation: The Lesson List content can be found by clicking on the Lesson List top tab.

The Lesson List is set up so that you can follow the consecutive path, or you can skip around through the material to tailor the Emotional ABCs content to your plan.

General Guidance:

Each Unit has a specific goal and the lessons within a Unit elaborate on the Unit goals. Generally, each Lesson includes a short video followed by online interactive games to emphasize concepts within the video. Finally, each Lesson has a short review and clients win “awards” (learning games related to the Lesson or Unit) from My Board for completion of a Lesson.

As you develop your therapy plan, you can choose lessons that reinforce the concepts you are teaching. (You do not need to follow the order of the Lesson List.)

For Premium Group subscriptions, you can assign Lesson List videos and activities for your clients to do at home using their individual client login.

Encouraging parents/guardians to watch the Emotional ABCs videos and participate in the interactive materials will help develop a common language from therapy-to-home.

Structure Of The Lesson List:

Units 1- 4 - Self-Awareness, Recognition of Emotions of Self and Others, Communication

These units focus on recognizing facial and body clues of the self and of others. Program users are encouraged to develop an emotional vocabulary and expand their ability to recognize emotions.

Units 5 – 8 - Emotion Regulation

Children learn generalizable and repeatable patterns of behavior to help manage their emotions. Additionally, clients will practice different choices of action (the Emotional ABCs Playbook) to use in emotionally challenging situations..

Unit 9 - Practicing Skills in Hypothetical Situations

Moodlandia presents scenarios that might be familiar to young clients and gives them opportunities to use their growing set of tools in the areas of self-awareness, social awareness, emotion regulation, and better decision-making to work through different social and emotional situations.


A series of 44 fully developed lesson plans for an in-person group learning environment. Each Workshop focuses on a particular aspect of social emotional skills-development. The Workshops use content from the Lesson List as well as additional PDF printables, classroom displays, and suggested group activities that take advantage of the social environment of a classroom. Materials within the Workshops can also be used to enhance one-on-one sessions.

Navigation: The Workshops, Print Libraries, How-To Tutorials, Curriculum, and Teacher Training can be found by clicking on the Workshops top tab.

Each Workshop’s title clearly labels the goal of the Workshop. You can follow the consecutive Workshop path or skip around through the material to tailor the Emotional ABCs content to your therapy plan.

General Guidance

Each Workshop has a specific social emotional learning goal and the sections within each Workshop elaborate the Workshop’s goals.

Each self-contained Workshop consists of 5 sections: Warm Up, Teaching Point, Activity, Share Out and Self Reflection. All resources needed to run the Workshop, such as online activities, offline PDF printables, ideas for talking points, group activities and self-reflections, are accessible through the program.

As you develop your therapy plan, you can choose Workshops that reinforce the concepts you are teaching. (You do not need to follow the Workshops sequence.)


The PRINT LIBRARIES list the many PDF printable available within our program.

The CURRICULUM tab offers details on the full scope of the Workshops.

The TEACHER GUIDE gives an overview of tips on how to present Workshops to your group clients.

“HOW TO” TUTORIALS and TEACHER TRAINING videos offer general information about implementing Emotional ABCs.


Unlock/Lock Feature for Users

Individual Therapist (Educator) accounts: All Therapist Educator Accounts are initially unlocked. This allows the user to access any page or link in the program at any time. If the therapist wants to lock their Lesson List into the consecutive path they can do so in their Account Admin page.

Parent/Client (Student) Accounts: Client sign-in accounts associated with a Premium Group subscriptions are initially locked. A locked account is designed to keep an individual client (student) on track to go through the program in sequence, therefore building upon previously learned skills. Account Administrators or Therapists (Educators) can unlock individual client (student) accounts if they think this will be useful for them.

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