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Common Sense Education Awards Emotional ABCs 'Top Pick for Learning 2019'

"The sequence of the program truly teaches social and emotional competencies in a captivating way," states Common Sense Education about the free-to-teachers Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum.

LOS ANGELES, October 21, 2019 (Newswire.com) -​​Emotional ABCs Classroom, a free-to-teachers, research-based SEL curriculum used by thousands of teachers nationwide, is recognized for its "strong learning approach to mastering SEL competencies," by Common Sense Education, the prestigious national ratings group, winning their "Top Pick 2019" Award.

Emotional ABCs Classroom, a Social Emotional Learning Program (SEL), offers a free-to-teachers, 20-Workshop sequential curriculum designed for in-classroom instruction for grades K-3. In giving the "Top Pick 2019" Award to Emotional ABCs, Common Sense Education highlighted the program's instruction of the social-emotional competencies as outlined by CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning), stating that Emotional ABCs is "...an excellent program for teaching young kids emotion identification, regulation, and social relationships," and noting, "The sequence of the program truly teaches social and emotional competencies in a captivating way."​

Cynthia Sikes, CCO, is thrilled Common Sense Education emphasized how the program uses sights, sounds, and varied activities to teach and reiterate social-emotional skills. Common Sense observed, "Not only does the site provide stories and examples for students to learn, but it also provides visuals of body language, audio clips of vocal tone, and more for students to begin recognizing the nuances of social interaction with self and others. Additionally, the way the program normalizes emotions as part of daily, natural life feels empowering to students who experience a range of emotions."

Emotional ABCs Classroom, which is designed for in-class, teacher-led learning, includes lesson plans, an extensive print library of support materials, and interactive activities to enhance a teacher's classroom lessons in the five major categories of social-emotional learning: Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision Making. Emotional ABCs Classroom makes full use of both online and off-line activities and in-class group projects and discussions to engage students' imaginations.

Common Sense Education was impressed with the flexibility of Emotional ABCs and noted that the Workshops can be used for other subject areas, summarizing, "Teachers can use Emotional ABCs Classroom as part of a social studies or wellness lesson, or even during morning work time as students are coming into the classroom. Because the lessons can be "print and go,' they require little prep and can be implemented in a day's time."

Emotional ABCs Classroom offers the program free to full-time classroom teachers and school counselors at "brick and mortar" private and public schools in the USA. Individual and family subscriptions to EmotionalABCs.com include all the teacher resources and Workshops within Emotional ABCs Classroom at no extra cost.

About Emotional ABCs Classroom and Emotional ABCs

Emotional ABCs Classroom provides teachers (K-3) with 20 sequential Workshops, support materials, and an adaptable structure to teach blended Social Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons in a classroom setting. Emotional ABCs Classroom uses both online and print materials to enhance the classroom experience, drawing from the extensive resources of EmotionalABCs.com and including newly-added, classroom-specific support materials.

EmotionalABCs.com is a research-based online learning curriculum created in conjunction with a team of psychologists, therapists, and educators to give every child the emotional skills for lifetime success. The program combines psychologists' and therapists' best techniques for working through emotions with a child-friendly, hands-on format.

Go to EmotionalABCs.com to view more than 100 interactive activities with video clips, mix-and-match games, listening and drawing activities, puzzles, a full audio dictionary, hundreds of printouts, playing cards, and much more.


The new Common Sense Education "Top Pick for 2019" award adds to Emotional ABCs' many accolades across a broad spectrum of categories. These include the National Association of American Publishers "Revere" Judges' Award, Tilliwig's "Brain Child" Award, Creative Child Magazine's "Product of the Year," and a "Great Find" Award from AblePlay.org, an organization that evaluates products for their effectiveness in teaching children who have learning differences.

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