Program Details

  1. Lesson List

    Our complete evidence-based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum of more than 100 sequential interactive activities

  1. My Board

    Games, puzzles, and drawing activities earned as rewards for learning new skills

  1. Videos & Moody Music

    Video demonstrations and Moody Music instruction

  1. Moody's Emotional Dictionary

    Interactive visual dictionary with new emotional vocabulary words and phrases

  1. Printables

    Low ink and full-color printables for offline use

  1. Playing Cards and Word Searches

    Learning games for offline and online use

  1. Certificates & Diplomas

    Printable personalized rewards after each unit

  1. Emotional ABCs Playbook

    Our handy guide for typically useful actions in emotional situations

  1. Moodlandia

    Where children practice using their new tools in hypothetical situations and teach Moody how to get through a challenging day

  1. Emotional ABCs Classroom

    Full access to our online and offline Workshops Basics curriculum for teacher-led classroom instruction, with Year 2 and Year 3 Workshops curriculums and materials for Premium Subscribers.