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New York Times Education Issue: Emotional Intelligence for Your Child

The New York Times Education Issue: Can Emotional Intelligence Be Taught?

This article in the New York Times Education issue is all about the profound effect emotional skills training can have on a child’s life. The article further emphasizes two huge aspects that are so important for emotional skills training: 1) parents need to be able to model these skills for their children, so these parents also need to be taught and 2) the programs themselves need to be simple enough so that children and parents can easily learn what these skills are and how to remember them. This is exactly what the Emotional ABC’s program does.

Emotional ABC’s was designed, with the assistance of teachers, therapists, educators and psychologists, to include the latest thinking on social-emotional learning in ways that made it easy to learn and easy to remember. Once children (and parents!) have watched our DVD and learned how to “Pause and Breathe”, to “Rewind”, and how to press “Play” to make the choice that’s just right for themselves, they will have skills at their disposal to use when reacting to emotional situations. Our 5 Activity Books are specifically created to help the child integrate these skills into their own lives so that the child can learn how to make choices that are specific to their personality and their particular needs.

Parents who learn the Emotional ABC’s not only discover “What To Do” to help their children, they also see how to model these skills so that children won’t just be learning from what they say, but, more importantly, the children can learn from what the parents do.