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Emotional ABC’s Wins 10 Best Award from Dr. Toy for Social Emotional Skills!

​Emotional ABC’s Wins 10 Best Award from Dr. Toy

Emotional ABC’s is proud to win the 10 Best Award from Dr. Toy. Our program, Emotional ABC’s teaches basic emotional skills for every child. Our Emotional ABC’s DVD/Activity Kit is the only at-home parenting resource that uses simple techniques to help children (ages 4 and up) acquire basic emotional skills.

We’re especially proud that our program is both simple enough to be learned by kids while also showing parents how to model these skills for their children. If children only learn from our program and receive other messages from parents, this can dilute the skill set they end up using. However, if parents watch our DVD with their children, they too can learn these easy to remember skills and appropriately model these simple tools for their children. It really is as easy as A, B, C. We really do show your child (and you!) what to do.