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Emotional ABC’s the Proud Winner of Multiple Awards for their Breakthrough Emotional Skills Program

Emotional ABC’s is proud to announce that the program has been given multiple awards for helping children learn basic emotional skills. PTPA Media and the Mom’s Choice Awards honored the newly launched parenting resource with awards for teaching basic emotional skills in a breakthrough fashion that demonstrates these basic skills in an easy to learn and easy to remember fashion. The National Lekotek Center also named Emotional ABC’s as a “Great Find” for their Able Play products aimed at helping children with special education needs. The Lekotek Center singled out Emotional ABC’s for being a “Great Find” for “Physical, Sensory, Communicative, Cognitive disabilities” as well as for “Social/Emotional” skills.

National Lekotek Center Able Play “Great Find” Award

Mom’s Choice Award

Parent Tested Parent Approved by PTPA Media