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Education Week: Social-Emotional Programs Improve Grades by an Average 11 Percent

New Education Week article shows how social-emotional programs don’t just improve conduct and lower emotional distress, they also increase grades and standardized test scores by an average 11 percentile points.

In a meta-analysis of 213 research-based social-emotional-learning programs, the Chicago-based Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning found that such programs boost student achievement, as measured by standardized tests and school grades, by an average of 11-percentile-points. According to that study, SEL programs also reduced conduct problems and emotional distress, and improved students’ attitudes “about themselves, others, and school.”

Social emotional programs aren’t merely about your child having a better relationship with his or her parents, teachers, and peers; these programs have real world implications for what, how, and how much your child learns.

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