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Free Teacher (Basic)

A Free Teacher subscription to Emotional ABCs Classroom offers basic access (5 logins every month) to our evidence-based, year-long, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum primarily designed for general education grades K-3.

SEL competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, responsible decision-making and relationship-building are emphasized. Educators and school counselors at brick-and-mortar schools worldwide are given free access to the entire online Lesson List, 20 classroom Workshops Basics, and resources for teacher-led classroom instruction.

The curriculum presents the same content for all grade levels, but the material is easily scaffolded and can meet the needs of grades beyond K-3. For example, educators are currently using our Free Teacher program in more than 38,000 special education classrooms across the USA. School counselors also utilize Emotional ABCs schoolwide for group and individual instruction.

No teacher training is necessary although it is provided in our Teacher Guide and through live presentations offered throughout the year.

Free Teacher Curriculum Resource Examples (Year 1)

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Children learn how to define an emotion, observe their own and others’ emotional responses, and use an expanded emotional vocabulary to tell stories.

Students use non-verbal face and body language and sensations to interpret their own and others’ emotions. Also, students learn methods of purposeful breathing.

Students are introduced and learn how to use the self-management skills represented by the Emotional ABCs Toolbar.

The Unit introduces the Playbook, which presents choices of action to use when trying to make responsible decisions.